Occupational Safety and Health Topic Pages

This site provides access to information about specific safety and health topics. Each topic page is divided into four categories of information based on the content: hazard overview; solutions; regulations; and learn more.

Hazard Overview identifies the principal hazards associated with that topic.

Solutions provides general guidance to the employee regarding the measures they can take to protect against the hazards and the procedures the employer should be implementing, as well as appropriate personal protective equipment. This includes links to applicable example safety and health programs, presentations and outreach services.

Regulations identifies which standards apply to this subject and includes Federal OSHA standards adopted by North Carolina and state-specific rules.

Learn More provides links to additional NCDOL information (e.g., publications and compliance directives) and how to obtain other interpretive guidance on that specific topic. 

Additional information on each topic can be found on the OSHA and NIOSH websites.

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