29 CFR Part 1917 - Marine Terminal Standards

The regulations of part 29 CFR 1917 apply to employment within a marine terminal as defined in 29 CFR 1917.2, including the loading, unloading, movement or other handling of cargo, ship's stores or gear within the terminal or into or out of any land carrier, holding or consolidation area, any other activity within and associated with the overall operation and functions of the terminal, such as the use and routine maintenance of facilities and equipment. All cargo transfer accomplished with the use of shore-based material handling devices shall be regulated by this part.

To assist the employer in identifying which marine terminal standards apply to them, questions regarding the subparts and subsequent standards are provided to help the employer identify which are applicable to them. In addition, basic content of each subpart will be explained, and in some cases, definitions will be provided to assist the employer in understanding which subparts and standards apply to their workplace. To start this process, please click on each subpart below.

Please note: Subpart A also provides incorporation by reference of consensus standards, and OMB control numbers under the Paperwork Reduction Act.