Directory of NCDOL Officials

Tab/Accordion Items

Name Title

Phone Number

Scott Mabry Chief of Staff 919-707-7703
Susan Mullins Executive Assistant to the Commissioner 919-707-7701
Renathe Cotten Human Resources Director 919-707-7730
Erin Wilson Director of Communications  919-707-7704
Jill Cramer General Counsel-Legal Affairs 919-707-7710
Julie Ryan Director of Governmental Affairs 919-707-7708
Eric Bellamy Publications and Mailroom Bureau Chief 919-707-7725

Name Title Phone Number Email
Jennifer Haigwood Deputy Commissioner, Occupational Safety and Health Division  919-707-7800
Paul Sullivan Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Occupational Safety and Health Division 704-665-4341
Nicole Brown Bureau Chief, Safety and Health Compliance East 919-779-8512
Beth Rodman Bureau Chief, Agricultural Safety and Health  919-707-7810
Anne Weaver Bureau Chief, Planning, Statistics and Information Management 919-707-7830
Kevin O'Barr Bureau Chief, Consultative Services 919-707-7840
Lee Peacock Bureau Chief, Safety and Health Compliance West 704-665-6817
Wanda Lagoe Bureau Chief, Education, Training and Technical Assistance  919-707-7850
Ric Schumann Staff Industrial Hygienist 919-779-8514
Nick Vincelli Librarian 919-707-7880

Name Title Phone Number Email
Phil Hooper Deputy Commissioner, Standards and Inspections 919-707-7900
Kisha Holmes Administrator, Wage and Hour 919-707-7980
Donald Kinney Bureau Chief, Boiler Safety 919-707-7911
Tommy Petty Bureau Chief, Elevator and Amusement Device 919-707-7920
Beau Thomas Bureau Chief, Mine and Quarry 919-707-7930
Harriet Hopkins Administrator, Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Bureau 919-707-7940

Name Title Phone Number  Email
Paul E. Smith Chairman, OSH Review Commission 919-733-3589
Felicia Gore Hoover General Counsel, OSH Review Commission 919-715-1718
Karissa Sluss Docket and Office Administrator, OSH Review Commission 919-733-3782