Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Bureau

What We Do

The Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Bureau is responsible for enforcing the 1992 Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act, also known as REDA. REDA protects employees who in good faith engage in one of the "protected activities" under the law. REDA protects a wide number of areas and individuals, including wage and hour issues, workplace safety rights, mine safety and health, and sickle cell and hemoglobin C carriers. REDA also applies to areas covering genetic testing, National Guard service, juvenile justice system, domestic violence, pesticide exposure and employees reporting activities of their employers under the Paraphernalia Control Act.

The bureau investigates complaints and, if the complaint is found to be valid, the bureau attempts early resolution and settlement. If the bureau is unable to attain a settlement, it will issue a right-to-sue letter or take legal action on behalf of the complainant.