Agricultural Safety and Health

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What We Do

The Agricultural Safety and Health Bureau administers a broad scope of workplace safety and health laws that apply to N.C. growers. ASH conducts preoccupancy inspections under the Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina and agricultural OSH compliance inspections when there is employee exposure, an accident or a fatality.

ASH can help you customize safety programs to meet your specific needs. The bureau’s safety experts are trained to help you, our N.C. growers, identify and eliminate all hazards. They can show you how taking the time to train your employees, by encouraging discussions with them and rewarding them for excellence, can build trust and foster a safety culture that prevents injuries and illnesses on the job.  For more information regarding the services provided by the Agricultural Safety and Health Bureau, please call 919-707-7820.

Farm Safety Videos

ASH - Tobacco Baler Video Card

ASH - Forklift Safety Video Card

ASH - Heat Stress Video Card

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