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NCDOL Inspectors conduct inspections to ensure proper installation and safe operation of elevators, escalators, workman's hoists, dumbwaiters, moving walks, and lifting devices for people with disabilities that operate in public establishments (except federal buildings) and private places of employment.

Companies or individuals installing equipment under NCDOL jurisdiction must submit prints and applications for approval before installation begins. The NCDOL Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau will issue an installation permit, which must be posted on the job site. New installations, as well as alterations to existing equipment, are inspected. Companies installing equipment in the state of North Carolina must have an electrical license number issued by the Electrical Board of Examiners. This license number will be verified before the “Application for Installation” form will be processed. All units must be installed as to the requirements in A.S.M.E. A17.1.

Escalator Safety Tips

Escalator Safety Tips

About 90 percent of all escalator incidents involve senior citizens or small children.

Escalator Safety Tips

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This form is used to report safety concerns regarding elevators, escalators, amusement devices, aerial tramways, or other related equipment in the state of NC.