OSH Enforcement Procedures

The following OSH Enforcement Procedures provide guidance to compliance personnel, to ensure responsibilities are carried out in an effective, efficient and consistent manner. Some of the documents are federal documents that have been adopted for application in North Carolina. Other documents have been created specifically for North Carolina. Note: Only documents listed here have been adopted for use in North Carolina. The files below can be sorted by document type.

Code of Federal Register (CFR) – Notification of OSHA code of federal regulations adopted for application in N.C.
Compliance Directive (CPL) – Notification of federal OSHA compliance directives adopted for application in N.C.
Field Operations Manual (FOM) – Provides guidance to compliance personnel to ensure procedures and processes are carried out in a consistent manner.
Memorandum (Memos) – OSH Division compliance memorandums provides guidance or clarification to staff.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Provides working relationship agreements between other agencies and the OSH Division.
Operational Procedure Notice (OPN) – Provides OSH Division internal policies and work practice instructions.
Standards Notice (SN) – Provides interpretations developed by the OSH Division.
Standards Directive (STD) – Federal OSHA directives that clarify or provide guidance regarding occupational safety and health standards and have been approved by the OSH Division for use in N.C.