The N.C. Department of Labor Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau inspects amusement rides at fairs, carnivals and permanent parks across our state to make sure they are mechanically and structurally safe for riders. Unfortunately, the majority of accidents on amusement rides are caused by human error.

Every ride has a height requirement, and it is a very important rule to follow. Parents should pay attention to height requirements on amusement devices and never let a child ride if the requirement is not met.

Rider Safety Tips

  • Put up or tie back long hair.
  • Tuck in loose clothing.
  • Avoid electrical boxes and cables.
  • Don’t sit on ride fence.
  • Check your seat restraints and notify operator if restraint is loose or unlocked.
  • Watch where you and your children are walking.
  • Make sure ride operator is paying attention to the ride.
  • Do not leave your children unattended at any time.
  • Make sure your children have identification.
  • Have a planned place to meet if you or your children become separated.
  • Tell your child to find a police officer if he or she cannot find you.
  • Pay close attention as to whether or not a chaperone or responsible person is required.
  • Pay close attention to height requirements on each ride as some have been modified to enhance guest safety.

Water Wise Safety Tips

  • Do not try dangerous stunts.
  • No running or horseplay around pool area.
  • Never stand up in a tube.
  • Listen to lifeguards and ride operators.
  • Be sure you are in a safe position before starting down any slide.
  • Be aware of safety signs and pay attention to height requirements.
  • Use swim diapers or rubber pants for diaper-age children.
  • Shower before using any water facilities.
  • Do not use public pools and water parks if you have been sick within two weeks.
  • Parents, remember that you are responsible for your child's supervision.


Further questions? Please call: 919-707-7927.