Fair Partners

A view a ferris wheel from below.

In an effort to reduce accidents caused by patron error and operator error on midways throughout North Carolina, the voluntary Partnership Agreement was created for fair managers to add another layer of safety measures at agricultural fairs throughout the state. As fair partners, participating fairs voluntarily sign Partnership Agreements with the NCDOL, Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau and agree to implement key requirements of the program. The partnership is consistent with NCDOL’s long range efforts to develop partnerships with community, county, regional and state fairs throughout the state. The partnerships allow for better use of NCDOL resources and for innovation in safety management, while also encouraging active participation by the community, county, regional and state fairs in the safety and inspection process. Participating fair partners are not exempt from inspections by either the NCDOL, Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau or the NCDOL, Occupational Safety and Health Division.

Current fair partners (effective 2018-2021)