Does the "Hazardous Chemical Right To Know Act" Apply to You?

Do you manufacture, process, use, store, or produce hazardous chemicals in quantities of at least 55 gallons or 500 pounds? If yes, then this standard applies to you. Note: This North Carolina state specific standard applies to all industries.

The Hazardous Chemical Right To Know Act is a state statute that consists of two major parts:

  • Public Safety and Emergency Response Right to Know
  • Community Right to Know

Public Safety and Emergency Response Right to Know requires employers who manufacture, process, use, store or produce at least 55 gallons or 500 pounds, whichever is greater, of hazardous chemicals to compile and annually update a list of the hazardous chemicals including the identity of each such chemical and their respective quantities. A copy of this list must be provided to the local fire chief.

Community Right to Know permits any person in North Carolina to request a list of chemicals used or stored at a given facility. The request must be in writing and applies to employers who must compile a hazardous chemicals list and for those chemicals included on the list. In addition, an employer claiming a trade secret may withhold the identity of the chemical.

Reference A-Z safety and health topics page on Hazardous Chemicals Right To Know for more information regarding these requirements.