Policy Notifications

IB-05.001 Application of Code Cases
IB-05.002 LWCO on Hot Water Heating Boilers, Hot Water Supply Boilers and Hot Water Heaters (HLW) (Incorporated into Rules)
IB-05.003 Representative Mill Test Reports
IB-05.004 High Limit Controls
IB-05.005 Inspection Priorities
IB-06.001 Filing of "R1" and "R2" Reports (Incorporated into Rules)
IB-08.001 VR Adjustment and Tagging
IB-10.001 Extended Certifications (Incorporated into Rules)
IB-11.001 Inspection of Federal Equipment
IB-13.001 Make Up Water Connection
IB-14.001 Pool Heater Policy Notification
IB-15.001 Electrically Fired Hot Oil/Organic Fluid Vaporizers
IB-15.002 Potable Hot Water Storage Vessels
(Amended - 10/03/2018)
IB-17.001 Tube Replacement and Plugging in Firetube Boilers
IB-18.001 Inspection of Hot Water Supply Boilers and Water Heaters
IB-18.002 Bladder-Type Tank Exemption
IB-19.001 Model Hobby Boilers - Pressure Relief Devices
IB-19.002 External Inspections of Boilers & Pressure Vessels
IB-19.003 Insurance Policy Numbers on Reports