Does "Hazardous Materials" Apply to You?

Do employees respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials involving hydrocarbon fuel leaks ? If yes, then you need to comply with the state specific standard on hazardous materials in addition to paragraph (q) of the general industry standard for hazardous waste operations and emergency response. Note: This standard applies to general industry in North Carolina.

This North Carolina state specific standard adds a new level of training to paragraph (q)(6) of the standard on hazardous waste operations and emergency response for individuals who respond to hydrocarbon fuel leaks; "first responder operations plus level".

First Responder Operations Plus Level - First responders at operations plus level are individuals who respond to hydrocarbon fuel tank leaks where the leaking tanks contain a hydrocarbon fuel which is used to propel the vehicle on which the tank is located. Only those vehicles designed for highway use or those used for industrial, agricultural or construction purposes are covered.

This state specific standard includes first responders at the operations plus level to receive at least training equal to first responder operations level and, in addition, receive training or have had sufficient experience to objectively demonstrate competency in the following areas and requires certification by the employer:

  • Know how to select and use proper specialized personal protective equipment provided to the first responder at operations plus level;
  • Understand basic hazardous materials terms as they pertain to hydrocarbon fuels;
  • Understand hazard and risk assessment techniques that pertain to gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and other hydrocarbon fuels;
  • Be able to perform control, containment, or confinement operations for gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and other hydrocarbon fuels within the capabilities of the available resources and personal protective equipment; and
  • Understand and know how to implement decontamination procedures for hydrocarbon fuels.

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