Additional Assistance for Construction

If the employer still has questions regarding the OSHA standards or North Carolina state-specific standards, they can receive interpretive guidance on any OSH standard or topic by using the Ask OSH web form, e-mailing to, or by calling 919-707-7876.

Resource information can be found on the A-Z safety and health topics pages and Industry Guide 48, OSHA Construction Industry Standards Requiring Programs, Inspections, Procedures, Records and/or Training, provides requirements for standards related to construction and recordkeeping including applicable state-specific standards.

Example safety and health programs and presentations along with publications are available to assist the employer in meeting standards requirements. Specifically, the brochure on top ten most frequently cited serious violations can be useful in identifying frequently cited violations by industry. For more information regarding the required state and federal workplace posters, go to the NCDOL State and Federal workplace posters webpage.

In addition, the NCDOL Library also offers free safety and health videos and related research assistance on consensus standards (i.e., ANSI, NFPA, NEC). The education, training and technical assistance bureau provides free online safety and health training and outreach services (i.e., speaker's bureau requests, safety booths) upon request. In addition, the consultative services bureau provides free confidential on-site employer assistance.