CFR 163 - Powered Industrial Trucks Operator Training

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CFR 163 - Powered Industrial Trucks Operator Training

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On December 1, 1998, federal OSHA promulgated a final rule related to powered industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) operator training (29 CFR 1910.178). The final rule is intended to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that are occurring as a result of inadequate operator training. The rule applies to general industry, construction, shipyards and marine terminals. The following table provides information on when employers must be in compliance with the new requirements. Refer to the 12/1/98 Federal Register for the details related to these requirements. Also reference another correction to the final rule, Federal Register, April 27, 1999. The N.C. Commissioner of Labor adopted the amended federal safety standards verbatim with an effective date of February 22, 1999. 

Also reference CFR 163B - Powered Industrial Trucks Operator Training, CPL 02-01-028, Compliance Assistance for the Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Standards CPL 02-01-030, Chocking Tractor Trailers Under the Powered Industrial Truck Standard, SN 66 - Spring Brake System or Dock Lock in lieu of Chocking as Means to Secure Trucks or Trailers at a Loading Dock, and SN 52 - Conversion of, Modification of, and Additions to Industrial Trucks. Additional resources and information can be found on the safety and health topic page for Powered Industrial Trucks. To determine if this rule applies, go to "Do employees operate powered industrial trucks (forklifts)?". 

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