CPL 02-01-030 - Chocking Tractor Trailers


CPL 02-01-030 - Chocking Tractor Trailers

PDF • 27.31 KB - February 01, 2018

This instruction establishes policy to ensure proper enforcement of 29 CFR §1910.178(k)(1) and §1910.178(m)(7). 

Also reference CPL 02-01-028, Compliance Assistance for the Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Standards, SN 52 - Conversion of, Modification of, and Additions to Industrial Trucks, and Standards Notice: SN 66 - Spring Brake System or Dock Lock in lieu of Chocking as Means to Secure Trucks or Trailers at a Loading Dock. Additional information and resources can be found on the safety and health topic page for Powered Industrial Trucks.

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