CFR 131 - Subpart M; Fall Protection in Construction


CFR 131 - Subpart M; Fall Protection in Construction

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On August 9, 1994, Federal OSHA promulgated a new occupational safety and health standard for Construction (Federal Register). This new standard, Fall Protection, Subpart M of 29 CFR 1926 with companion amendments, becomes effective February 6, 1995. The companion amendments are to Subpart R - Special industries of 1910, and Subpart E - Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment, Subpart H - Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal, Subpart N - Helicopters, Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors, Subpart P - Excavations, Subpart Q - Concrete and Masonry Construction, Subpart R - Steel erection and Subpart V - Electric power transmission and distribution of 1926. This final rule at 29 CFR 1926, Subpart M was adopted verbatim in North Carolina by the Commissioner of Labor with an effective date of February 6, 1995. 

Also reference Field Operations Manual Chapter 12 - Construction, OSHA Technical Manual (TED 01-00-015), STD 03-11-002 - Compliance Guidance for Fall Protection in Residential Construction, SN 65 - The Use of Warning Lines Alone For Fall Protection on Low Sloped Roofs and SN 74 - Fall Protection Requirements for Work Involving Dry Laid Masonry Retaining Walls

Additional resources and information can be found on the safety and health topic pages for Fall Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Concrete and Masonry Construction, Electrical Safety, Steel Erection, Materials Handling and Storage, and Excavation and Trenching. To determine if the fall protection rules apply, go to Does "Subpart M - Fall Protection" Apply to You?. 

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