Standards Information and Activity

With certain exceptions, the N.C. Department of Labor adopts federal OSHA standards verbatim within six months of federal promulgation and uses the standards for enforcement of the N.C. Occupational Safety and Health Act. To stay informed of upcoming rules that may affect North Carolina, you may access the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) agency rules that are in various stages of the rulemaking process; pre-rule, proposed rule, and final rule stage. The USDOL follows a specific rulemaking process when federal OSHA decides that regulatory action for adoption of a new standard is necessary. USDOL/OSHA develops and publishes the proposed rule in the Federal Register and solicit comments from the public across the country, including North Carolina. After federal OSHA considers the feedback from the public, they make changes where appropriate, and then publish a final rule in the Federal Register with the date the rule becomes effective. In issuing a final rule, the USDOL/OSHA will describe and respond to the public comments in the Federal Register.   

Federal OSHA standards recently repealed or adopted by the OSH Division are listed below, along with a brief description of each standard. Documentation of OSH Verbatim Adoptions can be found on the NCDOL Rules and Regulations page. The OSHA standards discussed can be accessed through OSHA's Law and Regulations page on the federal OSHA website. Additional information on these topics can be found on the NCDOL Occupational Safety and Health Topic Pages.

OSH Division State Specific Rules

The OSH Division state specific rules are contained in Title 13 of the North Carolina Administrative Code.

OSHA Standards Adopted

OSH Issuance of Citations and Penalty Modifications

Effective July 1, 2024, North Carolina minimum and maximum civil penalties associated with occupational safety and health standard violations increased.  Subsequent annual penalty adjustments shall be made in accordance with the United States Consumer Price Index published by the United States Department of Labor. These changes are reflected in North Carolina General Statute §95-138(a)(2a) and §95-138(a1) in accordance with 13 NCAC 07A.0301 and 29 CFR 1903. See table below for penalties that will be effective July 1, 2024:   

Type of Violation Penalty Minimum Penalty Maximum
Serious $750.00 Per Violation $16,131.00 Per Violation
Serious $750.00 Per Violation $29,000.00 Per Violation For Employees Under 18 Years Old
Other-Than Serious $0 Per Violation $16,131.00 Per Violation
Willful  $11,524 Per Violation $161,323.00 Per Violation
 Repeated $750.00 Per Violation $161,323.00 Per Violation
Posting Requirements $0 Per Violation $16,131.00 Per Violation
Failure to Abate $750.00 $16,131.00 Per Day Unabated Beyond the Abatement Date (Generally limited to 30 days maximum)