Special Emphasis Programs

The North Carolina Special Emphasis Programs (SEPs) are part of the NC OSH Division's FFY 2024 - 2028 five year strategic management plan for which its two principal goals are: 1) to reduce the state's workplace fatality rate by at least 2%; and 2) to reduce the state's non-fatal injury and illness rate by at least 5%. 

Training and Outreach

To reach this goal, the Education, Training and Technical Assistance (ETTA) Bureau regularly schedules free outreach training for each SEP and on related safety and health topics to assist employers to identify and abate hazards in the workplace and to learn the requirements of applicable OSH standards. It is highly recommended that industries that are in these special emphasis program areas attend these courses to help reduce their injury and illness rate and their fatality rate.  

Consultative Services

The Consultative Services Bureau is available to assist employers with their safety and health program. The bureau's main focus is to help the small employer with hazardous operations or employer's in a high hazard industries. All services are provided free and are kept confidential from other NCDOL bureaus.  

North Carolina Special Emphasis Programs

The SEPs currently in effect in North Carolina are listed below with links provided to the corresponding safety and health topic page: