Amputations Special Emphasis Program

The North Carolina Special Emphasis Programs (SEPs) are part of the NC OSH Division's five year strategic management plan for which its two principal goals are: 1) to reduce the state's workplace fatality rate by at least 2%; and 2) to reduce the state's non-fatal injury and illness rate by at least 5%. For each SEP that applies to a specific industrial sector, similar goals for reducing the fatality rate and/or non-fatal injury and illness rate are applied.

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What are the goals of the amputations special emphasis program?

  • To reduce occupational exposures to amputations by focusing on employers’ lockout/tagout program and use of machine guarding.

  • To provide outreach to employers and employees on the prevention of amputations through the development of publications, online and on-site training and consultative surveys.

What is the definition of "amputation"?

Amputation, as defined at 29 CFR 1904.39(b)(11), is the traumatic loss of a limb or other external body part.

Amputations include:

  • A body part part, such as a limb or appendage, that has been severed, cut off, amputated (either completely or partially)

  • Fingertip amputations with or without bone loss

  • Medical amputations resulting from irreparable damage

  • Amputations of body parts that have since been reattached

Amputations do not include

  • Avulsions

  • Enucleations

  • Deglovings

  • Scalpings

  • Severed ears

  • Broken or chipped teeth

What are some of the industries covered by this special emphasis program?

Amputations happen in a variety of businesses in general industry, construction and maritime. Based on Federal and North Carolina data on the incident rate of amputations by industry, the top 10 industries in North Carolina where amputations occurred during the period from January 2015 through December 2018 are:

  • NAICS 31499     All Other Textile Product Mills
  • NAICS 322220   Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing
  • NAICS 327120   Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing
  • NAICS 31599     Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
  • NAICS 33211     Fabricated Metal Forging and Stamping
  • NAICS 336212   Truck Trailer Manufacturing
  • NAICS 321912   Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber and Planing
  • NAICS 335911   Storage Battery Manufacturing
  • NAICS 336330   Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components
  • NAICS 562219   Other Non-hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal

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What types of hazards are covered by this special emphasis program?

  • Caught between

  • Struck by

Where can I learn more about the causes of amputations and standards that apply?

The Amputations safety and health topic page provides an overview of the major causes of amputations in the workplace and the occupational safety and health standards that apply. In particular, the Learn More tab provides a link to the enforcement policies for the implementation of this special emphasis program to ensure consistency in its application and in the enforcement of the applicable standards.