MESH Certificate Program

The Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health (MESH) Certificate Program series consists of certificate programs sponsored by NCDOL, NC State - Industry Expansion Solutions (IES), and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina. These programs are educational, flexible and designed for working professionals and non-degree seeking adults who are looking for continuing education offerings to meet their professional and personal goals.

Environmental management and employee safety and health issues are a tremendous responsibility. In today's busy work place, most managers and supervisors are not fully aware of, nor prepared to meet, day-to-day environmental, health and/or safety responsibilities. The certificate programs are designed to meet these responsibilities and much more.

Each certificate program:

  • Is designed for working safety professionals and employees responsible for oversight of environmental, safety and health programs.

  • Requires no prior experience or degree.

  • Offers training courses across the state by each of the three sponsors.

  • Provides professional instructors from NCDOL, Safety and Health Council of North Carolina and NC State - IES.

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Earning the certificate requires no specific educational background or previous training. Individuals begin by submitting an application; they then complete the required number of core courses and elective courses. The certificate is awarded after successful completion of 100 course hours. Courses are offered by each of the three sponsors; NC State - IES, Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, and NCDOL.

  • MESH, the original MESH certificate, is for individuals responsible for any environmental, safety or health program, however, it is based more toward 29 CFR 1910 general industry standards.

  • Construction MESH (C-MESH) is for individuals responsible for construction safety and is based more on the 29 CFR 1926 construction standards. Of the 100 hours required to complete the C-MESH program, 60 hours must be construction specific.

  • Emergency Preparedness MESH (EP-MESH) is for individuals responsible for emergency preparedness and disaster recovery.  60 of the 100 hours must be specific to preparing for and responding to emergencies.

  • Environmental MESH (E-MESH) is for individuals responsible for environmental safety and regulations; 60 hours of the 100 required hours must be environmental specific.

  • Industrial Hygiene MESH (IH-MESH) is for individuals who work with industrial hygiene concerns; 60 hours of the 100 required hours must be industrial hygiene specific.

  • Public Sector MESH (PS-MESH) is for individuals responsible for safety in a multi-faceted governmental environment. PS-MESH is awarded after completion of 30 hours in public sector core courses and 70 elective hours in general industry and/or construction.

  • Advanced MESH is for MESH, C-MESH, IH-MESH, EP-MESH or PS-MESH graduates that wish to achieve a higher level of professionalism in EH&S. The Advanced MESH certificate is earned after completing two additional weeks of coursework. One week focuses on advanced safety and health, while the second week is an environmental concentration. Hands-on applications, field trips and case studies are an integral part of this certificate.

Environmental, safety and health continuing education programs offered by NC State - IES, the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, and NCDOL receive MESH credit. In addition, a maximum of 10 hours of credit for each certificate may be earned by attending North Carolina safety conferences such as the N.C. Statewide Safety Conference, the N.C. Regional Safety Schools, the Carolina Star Conference, and the Safety Summit on Safety Leadership.

Note: Scroll to the bottom of our Training Calendar to access links to the conferences mentioned above. 

All MESH certificates requires a core course (e.g., 30 hour construction, 40 hour HAZWOPER, 30 hour general industry) related to the specific certificate as part of their 100 hours. MESH participants must show proof of attendance and subject matter covered in the course in order to receive MESH credit from outside providers.

Training has to have been completed in the last five years.

The MESH sponsors will provide certificates for all training you attend through them so you will want to maintain copies of all your certificates.  If you are not provided a certificate, you can use this printable MESH Training Record. 

Note: If you lose a certificate, contact the applicable MESH sponsor(s) as they generally have a record of training that you took through them.

The cost for each MESH Certificate is a $99 filing fee that you submit to either NC State - IES or the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina upon completing the 100 required credit hours for that certificate. The fee covers the MESH Program administrative cost and the delivery of the MESH plaque.

New! Effective January 1, 2025, the cost of the MESH certificate will increase to $125. If mailed, an additional fee for shipping may be applied. 

You can submit your MESH application at any time through the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina or NC State - Industry Expansion Solutions.

Note: You can continue to take your classes through all three sponsors even after you submit your application.