Does "Blasting and Use of Explosives" Apply to You?

Are your employees engaged in blasting or the use of explosives? If yes, then you need to comply with the state specific standard on blasting and use of explosives (13 NCAC 07f .0701 - .0716) along with the requirements of subpart U - blasting and use of explosives. Note: This state specific standard applies to the construction industry in North Carolina.

This North Carolina state specific standard provides additional requirements to those in subpart U - blasting and use of explosives including those pertaining to general provisions, blaster qualifications, surface transportation of explosives, underground transportation of explosives, storage of explosives and blasting agents, loading of explosives or blasting agents, initiation of explosive charges-electric blasting, use of safety fuses, use of detonating cord and shock tube, firing the blast, inspection after blasting, misfires, underwater blasting and blasting in excavation work under compressed air.  

Explosives means any chemical compound, mixture, or device, the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion; that is, with substantially instantaneous release of gas and heat, unless such compound, mixture or device is otherwise specifically classified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), and any material designated as a Class 1 Explosive by the USDOT.

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