Operators and Apprentices

It is the intent of the Boiler Safety Bureau to provide guidelines for the training of operators and apprentices in the proper care, maintenance, operation and exhibition of historical boilers. For the purpose of this section, “historical boiler” shall mean a steam boiler of riveted construction that is preserved, restored or maintained for hobby or demonstration. The term “historical boiler” shall also be defined as in 13 NCAC 13.0101, 8 (a). This term includes portable steam engines, traction engines, threshers, steam powered saw mills and other similar objects. The term BSB shall mean the North Carolina Boiler Safety Bureau.

Individuals who wish to act as an operator of a historical boiler should meet the following criteria;

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have successfully completed a historical boiler operator’s course
  • Have at least 100 hours of actual operating experience or training in the operation, exhibition, care, and maintenance of historical boilers
  • Individuals under the age of sixteen may be trained as an apprentice while under the direct supervision of a person who meets the above requirements for an operator. Apprentices should maintain a log as below.
  • Maintain a diary or log detailing the dates, number of hours, type of training or experience, type and manufacturer of boiler, and instructor 

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