The Administration Division comprises seven divisions of the N.C. Department of Labor: Communications; Financial Services; Governmental Affairs; Human Resources; Legal Affairs; Research and Policy and Information Technology. These divisions provide support for Commissioner Dobson's office and the entire N.C. Department of Labor.

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The Communications Division responds and coordinates media inquiries and public records requests from the media statewide. The division manages the agencies social media platforms and produces the agency's free external newsletter as well as the departmental annual report.

The Financial Services Division’s 14 employees are responsible for all fiscal-related areas of the agency. If you have any fiscal-related questions, you may contact Financial Services staff at either (919) 707-7742 or via email utilizing the group email addresses listed below. 

The Governmental Affairs Division tracks legislation during both long and short sessions and represents the agency while the N.C. General Assembly is in session by responding to inquiries from fiscal research and legislators on matters concerning NCDOL.  

The Human Resources Division supports the department through the administration and management of workplace services and the personnel policies and procedures established by the State Personnel Act (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 126). Human Resources chronicles new hires, separations from service, promotions within the department, job postings, applications received and total personnel actions processed.

The Legal Affairs Division advises the commissioner and the department as a whole on a wide variety of legal issues related to the N.C. Department of Labor.  The division also handles all rulemaking activity pertaining to the 13 acts the department enforces.

Please be advised that Legal Affairs is prohibited from providing legal advice to members of the public.

If you have general questions regarding NCDOL, you may contact Legal Affairs at:  

If you have any questions relating to a potential wage-related dispute, it is recommended that you call 1-800-625-2267 (1-800-NCLABOR), Monday through Friday, during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:45 pm, to discuss your individual circumstances.