Application to Install Chair or Gondola Lifts, Ski Tows, or Funiculars

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Please fill out application thoroughly. Drawings/plans must be attached to your confirmation email and forwarded to Applications that do not forward drawings/plans will not be processed. Acceptance subject to final field inspection. 

Definitions of equipment types are as follows:

  • Type I, Aerial Cable Car: A device used to transport passengers in an enclosed cab attached to and suspended from a moving rope or chain or attached to a moving rope or chain and suspended from a stationary rope or other structure.
  • Type II, Chair or Gondola Lift and Skimobile: A device used to transport passengers in Chairs, Cars, or Gondolas attached to a moving rope or chain and suspended on a stationary rope or other structure.
  • Type III, J or T-Bar, Conveyor, or Similar Device: A device that pulls or conveys passengers riding on skis or other devices by means attached to and propelled by an overhead rope, chain or other device supported by one or more towers.
  • Type IV, Rope Tow: A device that a passenger riding on skis or other devices is towed while holding a moving fiber rope. 
  • Type V, Funicular: A system in which passengers are transported in or on carriers that are supported and guided by a level or inclined guideway and propelled by means of a haul rope or other flexible element that is driven by a power unit remaining essentially at a single location.
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