The Special Star Team Member (SSTM) Program is North Carolina’s version of federal OSHA’s Special Government Employee (SGE) Program. The SSTM Program allows industry employees and qualified independent private sector safety and health professionals the opportunity to work together in partnership with the NCDOL Carolina Star Program during onsite Star Program evaluations.

Each participant must meet specific qualifications and successfully complete SSTM training before being recognized as a qualified SSTM. As the Carolina Star Program continues to grow, managing these programs and maintaining a high standard of excellence will become challenging. Therefore, the commitment and participation of our Star participants in the SSTM Program are essential to the future success of the Carolina Star Program.

Benefits of Participation as a SSTM

  • Working alongside OSH Star personnel and sharing perspectives on safety and health. 

  • Meeting and networking with highly qualified safety and health professionals.

  • Learning firsthand by observing best practices in safety and health. 

  • Exchanging valuable information, experiences and lessons learned with Star applicants and participants. 

SSTM Qualifications

All SSTM applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Experience in applying OSHA regulations

  • Currently hold, or have held within the past two years, a leadership position(s) at a North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Star worksite; or consult with and mentor other companies toward achieving OSH Star status

  • Positive interpersonal skills

  • Sound reading and writing skills

  • Physically able to perform team member’ duties

  • Management and/or corporate support for participating in the OSH Star SSTM Program

Safety and Health Professionals (Non-OSH Division Star Worksite Participants) must meet the following additional qualifications:
  • Two or more years of experience in performing safety and health inspections and/or audits

  • Must score a ‘10’ on the education and experience portion of the qualification worksheet (Refer to Application)

  • Must submit proof of 40 hours or more of safety and health training

  • Must submit documentation of three safety and health audits conducted within the last three years

OSH Division Star Participant Applicants must meet the following additional qualifications:
  • Experience in at least three of the following activities (or their equivalent)

    • Chair of a safety/health committee

    • Working directly with OSH Star onsite review team during the most recent onsite review of your respective worksite

    • Training others with regard to safety and health programs, policies, procedures, and understand the meaning of the OSH Star Program

    • Writing and reviewing Job Safety Analysis (JSAs), monitoring and providing feedback with regard to employee safety related behaviors

    • Coordinating accident investigations

    • Coordinating various safety and health activities and programs to ensure a safe and healthy work environment

    • Leading worksite hazard inspection team or similar activity

    • Identifying and recognizing hazards, and developing a plan of action for correction and improvement

    • Other experiences that demonstrate knowledge of safety and health management systems

Contact Information

If you are interested in the SSTM program, please contact LaMont Smith, Carolina Star recognition program manager, or call 919-707-7852 for more information.

Resources for SSTMs