Does "General Safety and Health Provisions" Apply to You?

Are employees provided with personal protective equipment to protect them from hazards and/or because an OSHA standard required them? If yes, then you need to comply with the state specific standard on general safety and health provisions in addition to the construction standard on personal protective equipment. Note: This standard applies to the construction industry in North Carolina. 

This North Carolina state specific standard on general safety and health provisions adds to paragraph (a) of the construction standard on personal protective equipment; "The employer is responsible for requiring the wearing of appropriate PPE (as described in 1926.28) in all operations where there is an exposure to hazardous conditions or where this part (1926) indicates a need for using such PPE to reduce hazards to the employees."

Note: The construction standard on personal protective equipment states the employer is responsible for requiring appropriate personal protective equipment for all operations where needed to protect employees from hazards or when an OSHA standard requires them. This standard also references that the standards governing the use, selection, and maintenance of personal protective and lifesaving equipment are provided in subpart E - personal protective and life saving equipment.

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