Does "Subpart T - Demolition" Apply to You?

Subpart T provides the requirements for demolition work. Are your employees involved in demolition work? If yes, then this subpart applies to you. The standard on preparatory operations provides requirements for an engineering survey of the structure, shoring and bracing for structures damaged by fire, flood, explosions or other related cause, services (i.e., electric, gas, water) being controlled, wall and floor openings, and protecting employee entrances. The standard on stairs, passageways and ladders covers safe accessways and illumination requirements. The standard on chutes covers dropping of materials, gates, securing areas, and chute design and construction. 

The subpart also provides standards for the removal of materials through floor openings (i.e., size of openings cut into floors, weakened floors), removal of walls, masonry sections and chimneys (i.e., floor openings, load-supporting members), manual removal of floors, removal of walls, floors, and material with equipment (i.e., use of mechanical equipment, floor openings), and removal of steel construction. It also provides standards for the storage of waste material and mechanical demolition. The selective demolition by explosives standard requires compliance with subpart U - blasting and the use of explosvies.

Additional related information can be found on the A-Z safety and health topics page for blasting and explosives.