Safety and Health Programs and Committees Legislation

In 1992, the North Carolina state legislature passed the Safety and Health Programs and Committees Act. This legislation requires businesses with a workers’ compensation experience rate modifier (ERM) of 1.5 or higher to improve their workplace safety and health efforts. The purpose of this legislation is to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses in North Carolina's business community.

If you received a letter from the Consultative Services Bureau, it is because the N.C. Rate Bureau identified your business as having an ERM of 1.5 or higher. By law, your workplace must establish a written safety and health program, and if you have 11 or more employees, you must create an employee safety and health committee as well. Your response is required to ensure you are in compliance with the law.

To complete your response, fill out the response card that was included in your packet. Choose the option that best meets your company’s current safety and health situation. You are NOT required to send a copy of your written safety and health program with the response card. If your current ERM has dropped below 1.5, select the last box on the card.

If you received the card in error or your company is no longer in business, please contact the N.C. Rate Bureau (919-582-1056) for assistance with correcting the rate on file.

If you are interested in additional voluntary safety and health consultation assistance complete the request form that also came with the packet.

Additional Resources:

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