Wednesday, March 13, 2024

N.C. Department of Labor Chooses Not to Adopt Infectious Disease Petitions

Mar 13, 2024

Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson released the following statement:

"After thoughtful consideration of the  petitions received on December 14, 2022, I, Josh Dobson, Commissioner of Labor, have made the decision not to adopt either of the proposed rules, to include the General Industry/Construction Infectious Diseases and the Airborne Infectious Diseases for Migrant Housing and Agricultural employers. This decision comes after carefully reviewing the rulemaking petitions, the record, public comments, listening to both sides, and considering the North Carolina Department of Labor’s statutory authority.

The agency  followed the required procedures of Article 2A of Chapter 150B of the N.C. General Statutes, to include 150B-20 and 150B-21.2." 

Josh Dobson

Commissioner of Labor

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