Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson announces his senior leadership team

Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson stands on the front steps of the red brick Labor Building with his wife, daughter, and an N.C. Supreme Court Justice.

North Carolina native Josh Dobson, who was elected in November as the 18th state labor commissioner, was officially sworn into office Saturday, Jan. 2. N.C. Supreme Court Justice Phil Berger Jr. administered the oath on the front steps of the Labor Building. 

Commissioner Dobson today announces 11 appointments that will make up his leadership team at the state Department of Labor. As an independently elected statewide official and member of the Council of State, Commissioner Dobson has the authority to appoint individuals to key positions within the agency.

“I am very excited about the team I have put together and feel very fortunate that many of these individuals served under Cherie Berry’s administration,” Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson said. “With the knowledge and experience each of these appointees bring to my leadership team, the transition to a new administration will be as seamless as possible.”

Commissioner Dobson brings three new faces to NCDOL:

Susan Floyd Mullins will serve as Commissioner Dobson’s executive assistant. Mullins previously worked at the N.C. General Assembly as a legislative assistant for several state representatives. 

Julie Ryan will serve as the director of governmental affairs. Ryan previously served as then Rep. Dobson’s legislative assistant for eight years at the N.C. General Assembly. She attended Rochester Institute of Technology where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied science.

Erin Wilson will serve as special assistant for governmental and constituent affairs under the direction of Ryan. Wilson attended NC State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in international studies.

Commissioner Dobson also appointed the following individuals from the Berry administration to round out his leadership team:

Art Britt will serve as chief of staff. Britt is a twenty-year veteran of the department of labor and served as Berry’s chief of staff from 2013 until she left office last month.

Jennifer Haigwood will serve as the director of communications and policy development. Haigwood formerly served as the director of administration and governmental affairs under the Berry administration. 

Jill Cramer will serve as general counsel. Cramer has served as general counsel since 2017. 

Renathe Cotten will serve as director of human resources. Cotten has been with the Department of Labor for 20 years and has served as human resources director since 2014.

Jennifer Stackpole will serve as chief financial officer. Stackpole has served the state for 25 years and was named chief financial officer for the department in 2017.

Kevin Beauregard will serve as deputy commissioner of occupational safety and health. Beauregard has been with the department nearly 30 years and has served in his current position since 2016.

Scott Mabry will serve as assistant deputy commissioner of occupational safety and health. Mabry has nearly 10 years of service with the department.

Phil Hooper will serve as deputy commissioner of standards and inspections. Hooper is a 24-year veteran of the department and has been deputy commissioner since 2015.

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