A Guide to Office Safety and Health examines many potential safety and health risks in the office environment and offers solutions to them. General office safety, indoor air pollution, computer workstations and office environmental issues are discussed in this booklet.

A Guide to Safe Work Practices in the Poultry Processing Industry addresses focuses on hazards that confront employees and suggested preventive measures.

A Guide to Safe Scaffolding discusses precautions that can prevent serious accidents and protect workers against fall injuries and fatalities.

A Guide to Emergency Action Planning can help employers plan for the emergencies their businesses are most likely to encounter. Having a plan can save lives when an emergency strikes.

A Guide to OSHA for Small Businesses in North Carolina advises employers on how to manage safety and health protection at their own worksites and explains how to obtain free, on-site consultative visits by safety and health professionals.  The publication is available in English and Spanish.

A Guide to Transportation Safety can help employers develop work practices that will eliminate fatal crashes on our roads. It can assist employers in developing a safe driving program and reminding employees of what to look for while driving for work.

A Guide to Combustible Dusts examines the sources of combustible dusts and the conditions necessary for a dust explosion to occur. This industry guide discusses how to assess dust hazards and how to mitigate those hazards. Particular attention is given to controlling dust, eliminating ignition sources and minimizing damage.

A Guide to Respiratory Protection examines the types of respirators available and the elements of an effective respiratory protection standard that are required by the NCDOL OSHA respiratory protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134. Particular attention is given to selection, medical evaluation, fit testing and training.

A Guide to Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) for Industry examines the workplace requirements for safely working around hexavalent chromium. The seriousness of the threat that airborne hexavalent chromium poses to workers’ health is also examined.

A Guide to Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates examines the workplace requirements for safely working around substances containing unreacted isocyanates. The potential threat that airborne isocyanates can pose to workers’ health is also examined.

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