This chapter provides guidance related to agricultural inspections.

Brochures on guidelines for forklift safety in English and Spanish. These are companion brochures for videos on forklift safety.

This OSH Hazard Alert discusses the dangers of heat stress along with examples of overexposure to heat from agricultural, construction and general industry settings.

This OSH Hazard Alert discusses an unsafe modification of a mower for use in greenhouses.

This OSH Hazard Alert, in both English and Spanish, includes operating procedures to follow before, while and after operating a tobacco harvester to ensure worker safety.

These documents contain customizable example programs for hazard communication for general industry, construction and agriculture.

This document contains a customizable example program for workplaces with employee exposure to a specific hazardous chemical. The program is designed to assist employers in ensuring employees are not overexposed to the chemical. Employers should note that when employees are exposed to a hazardous chemical that is regulated by one of the substance-specific standards in 1910, 1928 and 1926 Subpart Z, the employer is required to develop and implement the written compliance or exposure control program that is required by the applicable standard.

This document contains a customizable example program for hearing conservation. A notification statement is also included to remind employees to stay away from loud noise prior to an audiogram.

Brochure on guidelines for heat stress in agriculture. This is a companion brochure for a DVD (in English and Spanish).

This industry guide is designed to assist employers in the agricultural industry in complying with standards that have special requirements such as written programs, inspections, competent persons, training and recordkeeping requirements that are applicable to agricultural industry.

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