Cherie Killian Berry

Cherie Killian Berry was sworn in as North Carolina’s first female labor commissioner on Jan. 6, 2001. She was subsequently re-elected in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016, becoming the first person to be elected N.C. Labor Commissioner to five consecutive terms.

The labor commissioner is one of 10 state-wide constitutionally elected officials who serve four-year terms running concurrently with the governor. Berry and these nine other elected officials make up the N.C. Council of State of which Berry has served longer than any Republican in state history. 

Berry, a native of Newton in Catawba County, formerly owned LGM, Ltd. A company that produces spark plug wires for the automotive industry.  Before being elected commissioner of labor, Berry served in the N.C. House of Representatives from 1993-2001.

Employee safety is Berry’s top priority and she believes the department and its employees should provide a service-oriented approach that gives concrete benefits to employers and employees.